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  • 1.FAQS Springfield Children’s Development Centre
  • 1.0. Provisions

    Q: Are there age restrictions when enrolling your child?

    A: As with most centres, the approval which governs the age groups within the centre can vary, typically most of our centres cater for children aged from six weeks old to 12 years of age. To find out more information about age groups visit the location page to contact your nearest centre.


    Q: Do you offer Before and After School Care?


    Springfield Children’s Development Centre offers before and after school programs to children that attend schools within the Springfield Children’s Development Centre area. To find out more information visit the location page to contact your nearest centre.


    Q: Do you offer School Vacation Care?

    A: Springfield Children’s Development Centre recognises the impact and stress that school holidays can have on families, and as such offers school vacation care programs to children 5-12 years of age. To find out more information visit the location page to contact your nearest centre.


    Q: What are the operates (should be operating) hours?

    A: Springfield Children’s Development Centre is open 52 weeks per calendar year and is only closed for Gazetted Public Holidays. Operating hours generally open from 6.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday. To find out more information visit the location page to contact your nearest centre.

  • 1.1. Facilities

    Q: Are meals included in the fees?

    A: All meals are included in the fees charged. The Centre will provide nutritional meals at three separate intervals throughout the day; Morning Tea, Lunch & Afternoon Tea. Weekly menu's are posted on the notice board in the front reception area. Our menu's are evaluated and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they meet the requirements for the children’s recommended daily intake. Preparation of all food is in accordance with the food safety and hygiene requirements of the Logan City Council Community Health Branch, Food Safety Accreditation from our local council, by our fully qualified Chef.


    Q: What if my child has food allergies, cultural requirements?

    A: If your child has intolerance to any particular foods or cultural requirements, please ensure you have stated this in your child’s enrolment form and consulted the Centre Manager and your child's Lead Educator. The Chef at Springfield Children's Development Centre is more than happy to design and cater specific meals to meet your child's individual requirements.


    Q: Are Nappies included in the fees?

    A: Parents are required to provide sufficient disposable nappies for each day for all children who are not toilet trained. The Centre will contact you personally if nappies are required for your child.


    Q: Does Springfield Children's Development Centre offer a courtesy bus service?

    A: Our courtesy bus is an important tool to Springfield Children's Development Centre as they assist in the successful provision of our high quality education services. The bus service is available to families within the Springfield Children's Development Centre catchment areas.  To find out more information visit the location page to contact your nearest centre.

  • 1.2. Team

    Q: Do you have a high team turnover?

    A: Springfield Children’s Development Centre prides themselves in employing Educators not only for their qualifications, but for their professional and caring disposition with children. Springfield Children’s Development Centre employs Educators who are qualified or studying towards a qualification and all Educators undertake an intense induction program before they commence employment. Springfield Children’s Development Centre stipulates that all Educators must hold a current first aid certificate, current CPR, current asthma and anaphylaxis, undertake personal medicals, be immunised and hold a current suitability card.  All Springfield Children’s Development Centre Team Members are considered as the core of the business and represent the high quality care Springfield Children’s Development Centre provides for families.



    Q: Do you the team attend professional development?

    A: Team Members at Springfield Children’s Development Centre are our number one assets; they are encouraged to participate in on-going training and industry development. This may be through in-house professional development training, guest speakers or seminars. Our employees are provided with programming time to ensure they have the opportunity to better develop their programming techniques and constantly improve educational programs for the children.

  • 1.3. Enrolment

    Q: How do I enrol my child at Springfield Children’s Development Centre?

    A: When making an enquiry at Springfield Children’s Development Centre, our friendly team will organise an onsite tour of our facilities.  During this appointment you will also have the opportunity to meet the Centre Manager, the Lead  Educator and Assistant Educator in your child's room in which you require enrolment, as well as meet some if not all of our team at Springfield Children’s Development Centre.  During this appointment you will be provided with an enrolment pack that contains everything you need to know about the centre and your child's routine, including a quote for your daily fees.


    Q: Is there an Enrolment Fee?

    A: When enrolling your child at Springfield Children’s Development Centre there is a one off non-refundable enrolment fee of $50 per child, with this fee you will receive a complimentary backpack, t-shirt, drink bottle and hat.


    Q: What do I need to bring to the centre?

    A: You need to bring the following things:

    • Shady / broad brimmed hat (bucket hat is recommended by the Cancer Council)
    • Suitable footwear to be worn at the centre to protect children’s feet
    • Bag or back pack (must be able to fit inside the children’s locker)
    • At least two (2) two spare changes of clothes (please ensure these are appropriate for the season) including underwear, training pants, socks etc.
    • Fitted cot sheet for rest time and a blanket in cooler weather.  These should be placed in a sheet bag (or a pillow slip, plastic bags are strictly prohibited)
    • Bottle/s (if required) ( milk provided ) ( Baby formula powder NOT provided, please provide)
    • Dummy or comforter (if required)
    • Nappies (if your child is currently using nappies)
    • Water/Drink Bottle
    • All belongings and items to be clearly names with Full name of Child
  • 1.4. Inclusion Support

    Q: What support is available for children with additional needs?

    A: Springfield Children’s Development Centre offers facilities and support for children and families that enrol children with additional needs.  This support can range from minor allergies to greater care needs such as physical or learning disabilities, cultural inclusions and or behavioural issues.

    Springfield Children’s Development Centre work with inclusion support agencies within the Local Community to provide targeted programs and support for children based on their individual needs, these programs are delivered within the classroom, to ensure inclusiveness of all children in the Springfield Children’s Development Centre. To find out more information visit the location page to contact your nearest centre.

  • 1.5. Fees and Centrelink Entitlements

    Q: How much does it cost?

    A: Daily fees for individual families vary depending on how many days your child is in care, and what room they are placed in. Families may also be eligible for government subsidies that will reduce the maximum cost of fees. To find out more information visit the location page to contact your nearest centre.


    Q: What kind of financial support can I get from the government to help with childcare costs?

    A: You can get the following financial support from the government to help with childcare costs:


    A. Childcare Benefit - CCB

    Springfield Children’s Development Centre is a Government approved Child Care Service for Childcare Benefit (CCB). Helping you with the cost of child care such as long day care, Before & After School Care, Vacation Care and Kindergarten.


    B. Childcare Rebate - CCR

    Childcare Rebate (CCR) Covers 50% of your out of pocket child care expenses, up to a maximum amount per child per year, in addition to any amount you may receive from Child Care Benefit and Jobs, Education and Training (JET)Child Care Fee Assistance.


    C. Jobs, Education and Training - JET

    Helps with the cost of approved child care for eligible parents undertaking activities such as job search, work, study, training or undertaking rehabilitation to enter, or re-enter the workforce as part of an Employment Pathway Plan (also known as a Participation Plan or Individual Participation Plan).


    D. Adult Migrant English Program - AMEP

    Springfield Children’s Development Centre is an AMEP approved Service Provider, we can arrange, if required, free child care for clients that meet the English language tuition for eligible adult permanent migrants and humanitarian entrants who do not have functional English.


    E. Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme (QKFS)

    For child/ren that are enrolled in our Kindergarten Approved Program, you may be eligible for a reduction in your fees under the QKFS Plus Kindy Support where a family meets the criteria.To find out more information visit the location page to contact your nearest centre.

  • 1.6. Absences, Holidays and Withdrawals

    Q: Do I still need to pay if my child is absence from childcare due to public holiday or illness?

    A: Families are eligible to take up to 42 days absences per calendar year. Any days taken after this period will be charged at the full daily fee as Child Care Benefit does not apply. Families are still required to make payment on all booked days regardless of attendance status, this encompasses the following- public holidays, sick days, rostered days off etc.


    Q: Do I still need to pay for childcare when the family takes a holiday?

    A: Holiday discounts are available for up to four weeks of care per financial year, and will be granted by the centre manager after receiving change of care arrangements form two weeks prior to holidays taking place.  Individual accounts must also be up to date to receive holiday discounts.


    Q: How do I terminate my child’s enrolment?

    A: Two week's written notice is required if you intend to terminate your child’s enrolment. If you are unable to provide the Centre with this, two week's full fees will be charged to your final account.

  • 1.7. Programming and Routines

    Q: What will my child learn while at Springfield Children’s Development Centre?

    A: Our qualified educators provide stimulating and involving experiences which develop each child’s skills allowing them to achieve positive outcomes based on the children's interests and abilities.  Each room has overall aims, objectives and a philosophy that guides the program, as well as weekly and daily plans that incorporate objectives for individual children.


    Children have the opportunity for both indoor and outdoor play as part of each room’s routine.  Routines allow time for individual, small and large group play.


    Children’s language and literacy skills are further developed during this time with social interactions that involves children in storytelling, drama, poems and games.  Music also plays a large part in these sessions as children are able to experiment with dancing, singing and exercising their bodies.


    Q: What are the different curriculum documents that underline programming in each of the different classrooms?


    • The Early Years Learning Framework

    The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) describes the principles, practices and outcomes essential to young children’s learning from birth to five years of age, as well as their transition to school. It's part of the Australian Government’s National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care.  The framework has a strong emphasis on play-based learning, recognising the importance of communication and language (including early literacy and numeracy) and social and emotional development.


    • The  Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines

    Springfield Children’s Development Centre operates an Approved Kindergarten Program in each of their services/centres that is run by a fully qualified Early Childhood Teacher.  The Kindergarten Teacher incorporates the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines into their program, which is designed to build connections between what children already know or can do, their learning within a Kindergarten Program, and future learning in within the school environment the following year.


    • My Time, Our Place

    The My Time, Our Place curriculum supports  educators working with school age children in outside school hours care, long day care, and family daycare settings. This Framework builds on the Early Years Learning Framework and extends the principles, practice and outcomes to accommodate the contexts and age range of the children and young people who attend school age care settings. The Framework ensures that children in school age care have opportunities to engage in leisure and play-based experiences which contribute fully to their ongoing development.


    Q: What is the National Quality Framework?

    A: The National Quality Framework ( NQF) is responsible for the administration of Child Care Quality Assurance (CCQA) for children’s services throughout Australia. Our Centre voluntarily participates in CCQA and is therefore eligible to receive CCB (Child Care Benefit) from the Australian Government.

    The objective of the NQF is to ensure that children enrolled in childcare are safe and have stimulating, positive experiences and interactions that encourage all aspects of development. For more information on the NQF process, please speak to the Centre Manager.

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